Chinese toys are not imposed the tariff on the United States tax collection list for the time being

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70% of toys in the United States are imported from China, which means normally all the American Toy dealers do toy business with China, and sourcing toys from China toy sourcing agent, or from Chinese toy factory suppliers. It is a very good news for toy industry between and China.

On April 3, United States Eastern Time, the U.S. trade representative announced the taxation proposals for China’s 301 investigations. Fortunately, toys are not included in the list. The news was recently confirmed by the American Toy Association.

The list involves China’s export of about US$50 billion, and the proposed tax rate is 25%. It covers products with approximately 1,300 tax numbers and mainly covers steel products, aluminum products, medical drugs, compounds, and rubber products. titles It occupies half of the list of Chinese-made 2025.

Earlier, President Trump officially signed a trade memorandum with China at the White House to consider taxes on various types of Chinese products. According to reports from Fingerlingsfactoy, the American Toy Association had previously petitioned the White House together with other industry associations to encourage joint civil and media forces to oppose the tariff policy. At present, it seems that this action has achieved certain results. The American Toy Association announced this announcement and also reminded member companies to pay attention to whether imported parts and raw materials are on the taxation list.

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According to China News Agency, Washington, April 5, U.S. President Trump issued a statement on the 5th, saying that he has instructed U.S. trade representatives to consider whether it is appropriate to impose tariffs on Chinese U.S. goods worth 100 billion U.S. dollars under Article 301. It also said that the United States is still prepared to negotiate.

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U.S. Trade Representative Latschitzer said that any proposed list of products subject to additional tariffs would apply the same public comment process as the list of products to be taxed announced on April 3. Prior to the completion of related procedures, additional tariffs will not formally come into effect