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Based on Shenzhen, China. We cooperate deeply with the mold factory which we have shareholders with 100.000 square meters. Owing the mold develpment ability, we have the ability to turn the customer’s idea into ready-to-sell manufactured Trend products.

We know the complicated demand of the trending hot-selling product’s details. Therefore we will be 7*24 hours service on our customer side to make them feel effective to their custom products. Life is short, we enrich every second to serve our customer!

No hot selling products come out, no fast profit you can get from the market. Each year, there are some best selling products that pop up in the market, but as the world’s supply chain center, we catch up on the hot selling products in the begin time. Such as fidget spinner, Scooter, fingerlings, Arctic air and etc.

Since the current situation of the Covid-19, we expect that we are going to live with the constant Mutated virus in the next 4-5 years at least. Therefore We will keep an ever-present eye on the ever-changing emergency medical supplies and home medical products.

EPDLY: Seeing What Others Don’t

EPDLY is a Supply Chain Center for Medical Products and New Trends Products that is innovative & fashion and hot-selling over the global market. We have over 10 years of experience in the big-data & marketing, molding, design & printing, assembly & manufacturing and supply chain field. With our deep level of expertise and specialized in-house assembly factories, we have provided emergency medical supplies and trend products solutions to over 500 different companies from all across the world. Knowing for keeping an ever-present eye on the ever-changing trend & fashion products Industry, We will provide the most valuable information for our customers. Our R&D department is keeping constantly developing new 10+ best-selling products a year to To meet the differentiated needs of customers.

Like the saying:”Seeing What Others Don’t”. We always keep in eye on the biggest-scale supply chain center in China, and find the tredning & best selling products for our customer to make them “Selling What Others Don’t

Others Don’t Products

waterproof disposable camera manufacturer

Disposable Camera

Pop it Toys

smart hula hoops wholesale

Smart Hula Hoops

dutch tub factory


Talking Poster wholesale

Interactive Poster

waterproof disposable camera manufacturer

Disposable Camera

Ability and Services

Knowledge for importing Trend Products from China

Gift Box Manufacturing or Custom Gift Box: Everything you need to know

In 2020, China's printed matter imports are US$2.516 billion, and the export value is US$11.583 billion. The export of printed matter is 4.60 times that of imports. Commercial printed matter and publication printed matter are the main imports of domestic printed matter, while packaging printed [...]

Customer Review

EPDLY-Fast reaction to the supply chain in China has excellent productivity. Their quality and stability are beyond my expectation. I have to say EPDLY.com is a good partner.
Mr. Tony, CEO of SINO∏

Quality and safety have the highest priority for all emerygency medical supplies and trending products, Top-quality design, excellent functionality, the best possible product safety and a long service life are our goals

There are thoudands of new trending products come out, but they are always keep in a sharp eye on the newest trend products and let us to make easy money
Mrs. Rehab,Purchasing manager of FUTUREKIDS

Why Top Brand Trust Us

  • ODM & OEM
  • Biggest printing and packaging factory sources
  • 5,00+ plstic toy manufacturer cooperated deeply
  • 50+ wooden parts supplier support
  • 2,000+ new design every year

We are a 20+ people company in China with years of sourcing experiences. You will have a professional agent from us, to help you find manufacturers, follow up production, and handle everything until you get all products.

We helped thousands of Amazon, Ebay, Shopify sellers grow times of their business. We offer complete solution including product labels, packaging, free product photos, shipping to catch up your demad.

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