A packaging box goes through a complex and diverse process before they becoming a finished product, and every processing cannot go wrong. The packaging box production process can be roughly divided into design conception – pre-press preparation – design first draft – final draft – -Pre-printing computer production film – manufacturing printing plate – finished product printing boxing.

With the mature development of packaging technology, as well as the continuous updating of printing and packaging technology, the process of custom printing and packaging box manufacturing has been simplified a bit, and the specific process is as follows:

Packaging Box Design

Many of the box designs are already designed by the companies or customers themselves or by the design companies as well because the design is the first step, whatever pattern or size or what structure or color of the demand required by the customer, the box packaging supplier should help their idea into the real packaging box and also own the service of helping customers to design.

Normally when both partners finalize the design, the customer needs to send the PDF or AI file to the box packaging supplier to do the sampling.

packaging box design

Before the next procedure, the packaging box manufacturers will charge the tooling fee, and as for The cost of tooling. We explain to you as below:

Custom Board Game Manufacturing

Since tooling is made specifically for each order, costs can vary. For reference, the printing plate above costs $350 for a box that’s 11″ × 9″ × 4″. The cutting die costs around $600. Most plates range between $300-600, and cutting dies between $500 and $1,500, depending on the size and complexity of the design.
While tooling does require an initial investment, it pays off as you reuse it over and over again on future orders. These plates and dies are good for hundreds of thousands of boxes or feet of tape before they need to be replaced. Keep in mind that every manufacturer uses their type of machinery, so tooling is not easily transferrable across manufacturers.

2、Printing Plates

Printing Plates is extremely important for paper box manufacturer because this process directly affects the integrity of the product, now the technology has also improved a lot, most packaging box manufacturers are using digital machine plate making, generally need to sunshine, punching, plate repair, gift boxes pay attention to the appearance of novelty and bright, so the layout of the box production is also a variety of colors, usually a style of gift boxes not only have four basic colors, there are several special colors, such as gold, silver

Printing plates are made of various materials. In Flexographic printing, they’re typically made of thin rubber-like material. In lithographic printing, they’re made of thin plastic or metal. Digital printing doesn’t use printing plates at all which can make for lower startup costs, but a much higher unit cost.

Printing Plates

Your design is laser cut in the plate, with the negative parts of your image cut out so that they don’t pick up the ink. If your design uses multiple colors, there will be a different printing plate for each color. The printing plates are mounted to giant cylinders on the printing press and the plate runs through the ink and onto your box, tape, tissue, or mailer.

3、Paper material Selection

Here are the types of paper used in the production of packaging box printing in paper box manufacturer

A:Single copper paper

also called white cardboard, is suitable for color box packaging boxes, single box printing production, the general grammage of 250-400 grams commonly used.

B:Copperplate paper

The copperplate paper used for packaging boxes is generally used as laminated paper, that is, copperplate paper printed patterns, and then laminated on top of the grayboard paper or wooden boxes, generally applicable to the production of hardcover box packaging.

C:White board paper

Whiteboard paper is a white side, a gray side of the paper, white side printing patterns, useful to do a single box, but also some with a laminated pit box with here will not do more explanation of the paper.

carton box supplie

The general gift box of packaging box inside is gray board paper outside the laminated color paper or special paper. The colored paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper. There are 80G, 105G, 128G, 157G, these grams of paper are more commonly used, the outside of the gift box laminated colored paper is rarely used above 200G; because the colored paper is too thick laminated on the gift box to be easy to blister, and the appearance looks very dull. Of course, this also depends on what the product is.

For more paper material, pls check:


For the first time, custom printed boxes generally require digital samples, or even actual samples on the printing press if you are a bit more strict, because when you hit the digital samples again, there may be differences in color with the digital samples when printing in large quantities, and the actual samples on the printing press can ensure that the color remains consistent in large quantities.

paper box manufacturer

5、Packaging Printing Process

Most of the gift boxes are applied printing paper, gift boxes are outer packaging boxes, pay attention to the packaging printing process, the most taboo is color differences, ink dots, rotten board, which these affect the aesthetic.

Spot UV

For more knowledge about the packaging printing process pls check:


6、 Surface treatment of colored paper

For packaging boxes of gift boxes of the surface of colored paper are to do surface treatment, common is over the light glue, over the matte glue, over the spot UV, over the light oil, over the matte oil, hot stamping, etc.

packaging box processing


Die-cutting is a very important part of the printing process, you must beer very accurate in order not to affect the subsequent work, the key lies in the production of die-cutting. Diecuts are also important, because if the die cuts are not allowed to your design file, it will also be a great impact on the finished product, therefore general production of the diecuts is best to take the printed finished product to the master of die cuts to make the alignment.

Here for a better understanding of Cutting Die:

After it’s printed, your custom packaging is cut. Products with simple, straight cuts like tape, or tissue paper don’t require a custom cutting die, but many boxes do.

Since mailer-style boxes have curved lines, and other details, a cutting die is made using molded blades, set into the wood. Depending on a manufacturer’s machine, a cutting die will either be curved (rotary) or flat. The cutting die is mounted to a cylinder or a plate and it punches your custom box shape out of sheets of printed corrugated to make your box.

8、Laminated paper process

Usually, printed materials are laminated before they are beer-formed, except for the production of gift boxes, which are first die-cutting and then laminated with colored paper (top paper).

The reason for this

1) It is afraid of blurring the colored paper.
2)The gift box is caring about the overall beauty, laminated with outside colored paper can be seen as a handmade delicacy.

9、The final process

If you need to punch buckles and holes, all done at the time of assembly if you do not use these packing box processes. To do the final surface cleaning (will be the surface of the glue with de-sewer wipe clean). Then it is ready for packing and delivery.


The above 10 process of packaging box manufacturing is to produce finished gift boxes that is been mass-produced. Now if you are wan to find a custom paper box manufacturer near me. Check below!

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