Why More and More buyer want to Import Pet supplies China or pet products from China?

A vast majority of pet owners describe their pets as family members. Not surprisingly, these pet owners are often willing to spend extra money to indulge their pets and care for their health — treating their pets as if they are their own children. As people also say, when a product is about women and children, the market will never die. No doubt, pet supplies or pet products are one of such markets. However, 60% of pet products or pet supplies in the world are exported from China. Most of the pet supplies buyer or trader will definitely encounter some questions when it comes to importing pet supplies or pet products from China.

Most of the questions include:

• Where to find pet products or pet supplies supply chain center in China
• Lack knowledge of what types of pet products selling to a particular market
• Quality control for pet supplies in China
• Participate in trade shows of pet fairs

When viewed this questions of importing pet supplies, you may think it is so complicated to source pet products from China. Actually it’s not. This article will give you a comprehensive introduction of how to import pet products from China, including how to select products, hoe to attend trade shows of pet fairs, how to find pet supplies supply chain center, and some common problems with solutions.

1. Where to find pet product or pet supplies supply chain center in China

Pet supplies made in China have lots of categories, and I divide them in the following form by types and factories areas.

Pet Products Product Series Materials Manufacturer Location(China) Analysis
Pet food, dog collars/leashes, Pet Shampoo, Pet health products, pet cleaning products, pet toys, pet clothes,  cat toys, cat scratching post / cat tree, cat snacks, cat products, cat daily necessities, etc. Cat supplies /Dog supplies Mainly on PVC Shaoxing, Zhejiang
Pet food, dog collars/leashes, Pet Shampoo, Pet health products, pet cleaning products、Accessories pet Commodity; pet Plastic Toys; pet Clothes; pet Jewelry Silicone, TPR, PVC, Plastics Jinhua, Zhejiang Production of pet daily necessities and pet plastic toys
Dog Rope Toys, Dog Chew Toys, pet braided toy, cartoon cotton rope non-animal dolls, etc.
Pet food, dog collars/leashes, Pet Shampoo, Pet health products, pet cleaning products、Accessories, Cat Desk, pet toys, dog kennels, cat scratchers. Agency brand New products  Yuzhou, Zhejiang mainly based on brand agent
Pet fleas comb, pet bath brush, pet gloves, pet scissors, pet brushes Pet daily products Pet daily products Jiangsu, China
Dog collars/leashes、pet toys, pet clothes, pet accessories, wooden pet fences, pet cages, pet bags, pet houses, bird cages Hand-Work  Cloth, wooden Jiangxi, China Pet cages, pet houses, bird cages and parts of handmade products
LED luminous pet pendant, LED luminous pet tag, LED luminous pet leash, LED luminous pet collar, LED luminous pet chest strap, luminous dog clothes, LED multifunctional shower, Pet LED lighting leashes LED Dongkeng, Dongguan Pet LED light-emitting products
Pet accessories, clothing, pet shoes, pet raincoats, pet blankets,  Pet clothes Pet cloth Dongguan Humen / Machong, China Mainly based on cloth sewing industry
Pet traction, pet collars, pet chest straps           Pet belts Cloth, belts Houjie, Dongguan Mainly in the ribbon sewing industry
Outdoor folding cups for pets, pet outdoor backpacks, outdoor folding food pots, pet lifebuoys, pet life jackets, dog trainers, dog training products, pet locators, pet feeders, pet waterers, pet medicine, pet cleaning supplies, pet electric blankets Pet cage Pet Outdoor Supplies/pet auto feeder/ Pet Electronics     Pet Outdoor Supplies/Pet Electronics Shenzhen,China Mainly for pet outdoor products and pet electronic products
Pet Hair Remover, Pet shampoo, beauty scissors, bath brush, absorbent towel, sticky hair dryer, hair dryer, pet bag, canvas out backpack, pet cushion, dogleg auxiliary belt Pet grooming Products  Pet grooming products Guangzhou Pet grooming Accessories and Pet Dog Accessories
Pet stainless steel food basin, ceramic food basin Pet feeder pot/  pet Bowl Stainless steel Bowl, ceramic Bowl Chaozhou, China Mainly for pets Bowl
Pet plastic food basin, nano paint rust pet cage     Pet Food dish, pet cage Plastic, stainless steel Zhongshan, China Mainly based on pet cages
Pet molar toys, training ball, pet inflatable pool, wooden dog cage, wooden bird cage, wooden pet house Pet Wooden system, Pet inflatable system Plastic, Silicone, TRP, Wooden Huizhou, China Mainly for pet inflatable pools and wooden houses

As you can see above, the pet product or pet supplies supply chain is in Zhejiang and Guangdong. Therefore if you source pet supplies for your first time, you should verify if the pet product’s factory is located in Guangdong or Zhejiang. More specific way, you can check above. But if you want to find Pet toy factory center, you may like the post as below:

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We also share the history of Chinese pet supplies for helping you learn more about Chinese pet product’s supply chain.

Pet Products Factories center Development path Notes
Yuhang Hangzhou China’s first pet town Pay attention to the layout of pet consumer products
Wentou Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang China’s second pet town opened on 2017-5-29. Due to the serious water pollution caused by the manufacture of leather, the town gradually Transformed into a pet supply chain from a single dog chewing Prone to pet eco-industrial chain, output value accounts for more than 60% of the global total
Yueyang City, Hunan – Jun Meng pet town 2017-5-26 Open the plan (in the project) Focus on the layout of multi-functional comprehensive projects
Beijing Four Seasons Flower Seaview Area – Tmall Pet Town More than 300 million funds raised through crowdfunding, 2017-4-8 open plan (in the project) Cat pets

2. Lack knowledge of what types of pet products selling to a particular market

So far with my experience, importers from different countries most prefer importing classic Pet supplies such as dog leash, pet training products, pet toys because all these classic toys have large and stable demand every year. It’s not necessary to worry about the sale as there are always customers who want them.
But how to verify if it is on popular or sustainable upmarket, you can check by two ways to verify 1 by Google trends as below, 2 by Youtube views if the one if the pet product’s view number is more than 1 million. It is a very hot pet supply to do business.

how to import pet products from china

Besides, there are usually hot selling toys each year in the world, such as Dog Collar during 2016-2017, kinetic sand and Pet Grooming Glove during 2018. If you can discover the potential of these products and import pet supplies China earlier than your competitors, then you will already make much money when other people start to sell. At that time, you can start to find next product. As the professional Pet supplies sourcing agent, we will share the latest news for you.

3. Quality control for pet supplies in China

Pre-shipment quality inspections are mandatory when importing all sorts of pet products from China, and elsewhere in Asia.
That said, quality inspections for pet products can be fairly complicated.
For example, the inspector must simulate how a cat or dog is using a certain toy.
Using test standards (i.e., ASTM or ISO) for children’s toys is not enough for pet toys and accessories is not adequate, due to the extreme wear and tear of pet toys.
While this may not require advanced equipment, it’s crucial that you instruct your agent on how they should execute all tests, to properly ‘simulate’ normal wear and tear.
You should also care about pet product-specific regulations:
a. REACH is mandatory in the EU, for all products.
b. ‘Made in China’ labels is mandatory for all products sold in the US
c. Textile labeling requirements may apply
d. Additional regulations apply to all electronics, regardless of usage
There are a few things you can do already:
a. Ensure compliance with REACH and/or CA Prop 65
b. Ensure that your product is correctly labelled, and issue all mandatory documents
c. Submit a product sample for compliance testing
Overall, pet products are not as strictly regulated as children’s products, electronic or even food contact materials.

4. Participate in Pet Fairs in China

CPF- China Pet Fair 2019

CPF is committed to create a full-industry-chain integrated display trade platform for the pet industry in China. The exhibition area is 30,000 square meters, attracting 280 exhibitors from all over the world and displaying more than 1,000 pet brands and pet product’s factories. During the three days of the exhibition, a total of 21,326 professional visitors who want to import pet supplies China and nearly 60,000 ordinary visitors were welcomed

HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair

While this trade show is not exclusively focused on pet products, attending this trade show is still a must for pet products importers. HKTDC is arranging a special event, called the World of Pet Supplies, during this trade show.

Pet Fair Asia 2018

Pet Fair Asia is the largest trade show for pet supplies in the Asia Pacific region. It’s held in August each year in Shanghai, China.
Here, you will find more than 1400 exhibitors from around the world. Notice that this show is more focused on food than other shows.
China International Pet Show (CIPS)

Canton Fair Phase 2

The largest trade fair in the world, held twice per year in Guangzhou, is not only for pet product importers. Yet, you will find a large number of manufacturers for everything from pet toys to electronics.


The Pet Products or import pet supplies China business is a lucrative market that anyone can venture into. I have taken my time to explain all you need to know and do to be successful in this business by coming up with this article. If, after going through this article, you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below. I’ll love to hear from you.