Most newbie who are importing toys from China for the first time, often ask the question:

A. Where is the China’s largest toys Supply Chain Center & toys manufacturing center?

B. Which is the best city should I go for sourcing toys from China.

When they search for these answers from the Internet, they will know Yiwu Toys Market is the largest wholesale toys marketplace in China. However, That’s the wrong answer because Yiwu wants to promote Yiwu toys market. Actually, the biggest China’s largest toys Supply Chain Center is Shantou, Guangdong, China.

Since you know the Shantou Most Toy factory center, this article will give you a complete guide to Shantou toy’s factory base.

Chenghai Toys Market, Shantou, Guangdong Province—World’s Biggest Wholesale Base of Toys

Guangdong accounts for 70% of China’s toy production value, the largest toy base, has more than 4,500 toy factories, with an annual output value of 35 billion yuan and an annual export value of 4.1 billion US dollars

Chenghai-World's Biggest Wholesale Base of Toys

If you want to engage in toys importation and always source large quantity of toys, Chenghai is the best city for you to visit. You can find toys companies or factories, or things related to toy everywhere in this city.

Chenghai District (China’s Largest Toys Supply Chain Center & toys manufacturing center) of Shantou, Guangdong Province is located in the east of Guangdong Province and the mouth of the Hanjiang River Delta. This 378-square-kilometer land contains about 7,000 enterprises related to toy design, R&D, mold making, production and processing, printing and packaging, and exhibition trade. More than 100,000 people are engaged in toy-related industries.

Not like the wholesale market in Yiwu where suppliers are gathering, toy factories located in Chenghai usually send their samples to toy trading companies. Trading companies upload all products to their Alibaba pages or own websites and place orders to these factories when foreigners ordered. Of course, there also are several large toys trading companies who have their own showroom which can be thousands of square meters. Customers can visit their showroom, choose products and place orders. Besides, there are also many showroom companies in Chenghai, and factories can show their samples by renting display racks (one rack costs $500-$1000 per year). If you are interested in some products showing there, the companies will offer you all factory’s contact information. But most toy factories don’t have good English-speaking sales, so you’d better have a Chinese translator to assist you if you are planning to visit showrooms and contact factories directly. Or toys trading companies will be a better choice. But how to find toys sourcing agent in China and what they can do. The following article will answer you

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Another interesting thing about showroom company is that, during the visit, you can put most toy samples you like into shopping cart and take them away for free. These companies also offer free lunch, such as McDonald’s or KFC, free drinking, even free cigarette. They offer such good service because toy factories pay them a lot of rentals annually. Trading companies and showroom companies located in every corner of Chenghai, and you can get their information from the hotel you are staying easily.

But is there any detailed showroom & Shantou toy exhibition Shantou toys market before I go there?

A: On Top Exhibition Hall Chenghai | 汕头新悦翔展厅

On Top, Exhibition Hall was created by Mr.Qiao Since 2012. It Covers an area of 3000 square meters and engaged in 4000 Shoutou toy suppliers with 1,000,000+ toys model, Middle East customers prefer to visit here because it easily finds the middle quality and cheap price items.
MOQ: for the cheap item, some factory provide 1 CTN/1 item MOQ,
Can do mixed 1 CTN? Yes, but there is toy many factories to handle that, the better way is to cooperate with professional toys sourcing agent in China to help source mixed 1 CTN.

Shantou Toy sourcing Hall
China's Largest Toys Supply Chain Center

B: CBH Exhibition Hall/汕头潮博汇展厅

A new Exhibition Hall started in 2017, decorated”luxury”, along with large space with coffee and meeting room for each booth. It aims to high-end toys hall, More importantly, all is free for all customer! There are more than 2000+ high–end toys categories showed in the 13,000 square meter hall with good packing and higher quality. This market is the target of a European and American buyer or who want to build own brand toys.

CBH Exhibition Hall
chenghai toy center

C: HK Exhibition Hall/汕头汇港展厅

10,000 square meter showing area, 2000 toys supplier From 2015 years, Professional in customer service, quite good to help you find the item you want. just give them your picture when you enter it.

D: Hoton Exhibition Hall/汕头宏腾展厅

Built in 2003, there are 3,000 suppliers showing in this exhibition hall. Now they are trying to invite more toys supplier to join the exhibition hall. Therefore you will see plush toys, costume, wooden toys here in the future.

HK Exhibition Hall in Shantou
Chenghai-World's Biggest Wholesale Base of Toy

Since you have a simple learning of China’s largest toys Supply Chain Center & toys manufacturing center, then how to get to Chenghai District of Shant Tou. Next article we will introduce how to get to Chenghai District of Shantou, Please pay a attention to our next article. And if you have and toy sourcing demand, please contact us for help. Anyway if you want to import pet toys, you may like the article as below:

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