According to the report of Intrado, the board games market by revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of approx. 13% during the period 2021–2026. Therefore, More and more game business people are heading to custom their own board game.

A newbie will definitely encounter some challenges when it comes to custom their own board game

Some of such questions include:

However, custom board or card game from China is not as complicated as the hard above. This post will serve as a comprehensive guide by shedding light on how you can research the market of board game manufacturing, select the right board game manufacturer and also find the right board game suppliers. You will also discover some compliance and safety regulations for top board game manufacturers to export your parcel from China.

1. Where to find the custom board game manufacturers

Many board game manufacturing refers to cardboard printing, box printing, dice custom, wooden components, miniature, etc. it is a sophisticated combination with the above industry, there only one county that can be available on board game manufacturing, that’s China.

Board Game Manufacturer

Businesses would like to get a list of board game manufacturers in China, before going to custom their board game set. But this is not correct. Before buying playing game, you have to be somehow familiar with the place of origin of the various components of board games first, then you can go ahead and find the best card game manufacturer for you to know the board game manufacturing costs and custom.

Board game factories are located in different places and according to the different kinds of components of board game manufacturing companies they produce. So, if you want to look for suppliers online and already know where the type of components come from, then it will be very helpful for you in identifying the suppliers and also much easier for you to compare prices & quality of different suppliers. I’ll list the main components production areas in China below.

1. Packaging and printing clusters in China

A: Guangdong Province

China Packaging, Printing and Equipment Production and Development Base

China Packaging Printing and Equipment Production and Development Base is located in Jinping District Industrial Park, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, which was approved to be established in October 2005. At present, the base has more than 1,000 packaging and printing enterprises, employing nearly 20,000 people. 2008 achieved an output value of about 12 billion yuan, tax revenue of 1.03 billion yuan, forming an industrial cluster with printing and packaging enterprises as the mainstay.

B: Zhejiang Province

China Paper Packaging Development and Production Base

China paper packaging development and production base are located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, approved in September 2000. Relying on the unit for Zhejiang Shengda Group. Shengda Group is a large enterprise group with paper packaging as its main business and diversified operation, which is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China and one of the top 500 manufacturing industries in China.

2 Toys & Miniatures Components Manufacturing Center

Chenghai Toys Market, Shantou, Guangdong Province—World’s Biggest Wholesale Base of Toys

China Packaging, Printing and Equipment Production and Development Base

Guangdong accounts for 70% of China’s toy production value, the largest toy base, has more than 4,500 toy factories, with an annual output value of 35 billion yuan and an annual export value of 4.1 billion US dollars.
For more information about the toys & Miniatures components manufacturing center, pls check below

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3 Wooden Components Manufacturing Center

Yunhe, Lishui Zhejiang Province – Wooden manufacturing bases

If you want to find a wooden toy factory in China, you can go to Yunhe, Zhejiang Province. Yunhe is rich in wood, which led to the development of the wooden toy industry. There are many wooden toy factories in this area. Also, there is a wooden toy market in Yunhe, where you can find a supplier.

However, I suggest that you bring a translator or agent to help you follow up on production. Because there are very few foreigners who visit Yunhe and just a few locals can speak English as well.
If you have large purchases, you can find a larger factory there. Yunhe has various large factories that supply many well-known brands abroad. However, if you have a small order of wooden components, you may be able to buy stocks there and it’s also almost impossible to produce your customized wooden components. Or else, you can authorize the complicated demand to EPDLY to handle this custom wooden component

4 Plastic & Resin manufacturing center

Here we list a Plastic products production region share of the situation in China.

Plastic & Resin manufacturing center

In the above photograph, we can see: the production distribution of the plastic products industry has obvious geographical characteristics, and its main production areas are concentrated in the southeast coast of China. Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province, Shandong Province, three provinces of plastic products production totaled 22.98 million tons, accounting for 37.14% of the total plastic products. The output of plastic products in each province accounts for the proportion of the output of similar products in the country: Guangdong Province, the output of plastic products for daily use ranks first in the country. Zhejiang Province plastic film production ranked first in the country.

In the view of board game comments manufacturing base, we can give a conclusion to choose the tabletop game manufacturers

Low | Middle-quality supplier: Zhejiang Province
High-quality board game factory: in Guangdong Province

Therefore if you want to find the custom board game suppliers, they should be in Zhejiang or Guangdong Province so that they can collect all the game comments factory to custom your best board game.

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2. What is The Progress of Custom Board Game Manufacturing

Custom Board Game Manufacturing

Before quoting, we also have a step that is consultation. Our well-trained and experienced team can help you understand your game’s technical requirements, and help you select the right materials to achieve your desired player experience and production quality at a competitive price point. The majority of our staff in the sourcing team have a mechanical engineering background and are well versed in the fields of plastic injection, vacuum forming, and machining processes.


After consulting with our technical staff we can properly define your game’s requirements, upon which our production team can provide you with a clear quotation scheme and. The quotation scheme will include the full specifications of board game production costs, as well as the estimated shipping costs to your address.

Design Verification & Pre-production

Building on their extensive experience in the printing field, our team will first confirm that your artwork and typesetting are suitable for production. When it is found suitable they will produce a sample (either practical or “white”- without printing for material checking) for the customer to approve before moving on to the next step.

Mass production

Down payment and the start of production
Once the customer is fully satisfied with our sample we can start mass production of the game. After the mass production cycle is complete, we will send you three random samples of the mass-produced game for inspection and quality checks.

Production inspection

We invite every customer to thoroughly check the samples, or come and visit our factory to do a complete check of all the products. When the results are found to be satisfactory, the remaining balance of the payment should be made.


We invite every customer to thoroughly check the samples, or come and visit our factory to do a complete check of all the products. When the results are found to be satisfactory, the remaining balance of the payment should be made.

By the way,

Board Game Manufacturing

We also provide one-stop manufacturing solutions for our customers from product development, material sourcing, end-to-end production, quality assurance, and testing to logistics. We are proud to offer value-adding and customized product engineering services that help our customers convert ideas into commercialized products. Based on our customers’ specific requirements and required product outcomes, we work closely together to derive comprehensive and cost-effective manufacturing and printing solutions that strive to optimize product construction and design, functionality, quality, durability, safety, and production cost.

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3. Certifications for Importing board game to Your Country

We know the board game belongs to the toys industry, therefore we need to take much care of the certifications that have the access to your country.
Since toy products are mostly used by children, many countries in the world have strict regulations and high requirement for them. One of the biggest challenges encountered in importing toys from China is certificate and safety.
Different countries have diverse standards that are required for toys to be imported. Below are some of the certifications that are required by top toy-importing countries:

United States (ASTM F963-11)

The first three sets of ASTM F963 are mechanical or physical testing, flammability testing, and chemical testing. Another certification is CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) which caters for lead and phthalates test as well as labeling test.

Europe (EN71)

Toys that are being taken to Europe need to pass Toy Safety Directive (EN71) and must also have a CE mark. Electronic toys need to passEN62115.

Japan (ST2012)

The new Japan Toy Safety Standard ST2012 was published in October 2012 and was effective on the 1st of January, 2013. The former version (the 11th edition) remained valid until March 31, 2014. Under the new standard, some physical and mechanical requirements were modified to meet ISO 8124 Part 1 and EN71 Part 1. The flammability requirements are identical to ISO 8124 Part 2, while the chemical requirements remain the same with ST2002 (i.e. the 11th edition).

Canada (CCPSA)

The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) was enacted with the aim of protecting the public by addressing and preventing dangers (that may emanate from consumer products in Canada) to the health or safety of the public.
The Act applies to suppliers of consumer products in Canada, as well as manufacturers, importers, distributors, advertisers, and retailers.
The Act recognizes that suppliers of consumer products play a key role in addressing any dangers to the health or safety of humans via consumer products in the global market of today.

Australia/New Zealand (AS/NZS ISO8124)

The Australian Standards for Toys, AS/NZS 8124 part 1, 2 and 3 were updated to the 2016 version in June 2016. The Australian standards were modified from ISO 8124:2014.
AS/NZS 8124 standards help to test physical and mechanical, flammability and heavy metal requirements.

4. Why Choose Epdly as your top board game manufacturers.

EPDLY is a printing and packaging & plastic mold company located in Shenzhen, China. We have over 10 years of experience in the printing and packaging field. With our deep level of expertise and specialized in-house printing and assembly factories, we have provided packaging solutions to over 500 different companies from all across the world.
Here below pls check the video of our printing and packaging factory and molding factory.

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